Executive Resume Writing Service

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Do you know the best experience to include and proper format to use? Are you struggling to find the right wording? Is your current resume getting the type of responses you want? Are you concerned you’ll be overlooked for a promotion or a better job? Tired of spending time trying to write a perfect resume yourself?

The differences between a Professional Resume and an Executive Resume may be nuanced, but leveraging Modern Executive Resume Writing best practices are crucial to success when hiring at the management level.

The professional team of Executive Resume Writers leverage up-to-date industry insights from the network of partner executive search firms and in-house research group to tailor our executive-level clients’ resumes for maximum success both through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and with the hiring manager eye test.

Understanding today’s market dynamics and the current executive landscape is the key to job search success at the management level, and the professional team of Executive Resume Writing Writers is uniquely positioned to assist you with your next career move.

 Why hire an Executive Resume Writing Service?

How much is an outdated resume costing you? How many opportunities to earn more money and do more fulfilling work have you missed because your resume isn’t aligned to current hiring standards? Can hiring managers understand why they need to interview you? How many potential employers can’t find you in a sea of executive resumes? A mediocre resume may be costing you a great deal.

When it comes to executive resume writing many people lack confidence in their ability to write clearly and persuasively about their career. They end up doubting their resume will win over employers. Others simply shelf their resume for years of their career and when an opportunity arises they scramble to prepare and are unsure what to write. Great Resumes Fast helps by creating powerhouse executive resumes that advance through screening systems and connect you face-to-face with employers.

When you sign up for the executive resume writing service, you will work with an executive resume writer to:

  • Avoid missing important opportunities because of an outdated professional resume. Your resume will not get stuck in some application black hole where it never receives any responses.
  • Confidently put your best foot forward as you meet prospective employers with peace of mind knowing you’ve provided a high-impact resume and cover letter.
  • Advance your career, prepared when the right opportunity arises for a more challenging and satisfying career.

Employers are drawn to modern executive resumes they can scan quickly. If they’re confused about your experience, accomplishments, the type of position you’re targeting or overwhelmed by too much text recruiters will look past you to someone else. Once you have a concise, branded resume your responses from employers will increase. Sign up for the executive resume writing service today. Because employers won’t know how much they need you in their company until you tell them in the right way.

Increase your chances of employment

Why should your approach be different? You bring bigger results at this stage in your career. Additionally, you are more expensive, more selective, and less available on the hours you want to work.

According to Jobvite, CareerXRoads, SHRM and other hiring polls, approximately 20% of all available positions ever show up on job boards, while just 10% of hires happen via third-party recruiters. In fact, 70% of all positions are filled via network connections without ever being publicly posted一it’s the hidden game being played all around you.

People who understand the rules are the ones who maintain upward mobility throughout their career. People who don’t . . . tread water and struggle.

The approach you use to get your second and third 6-figure position won’t be the same approach you used to start your career. The activities you did to land a $70K position 10-20 years ago should be very different compared to the activities you need to do to land a $270K position today.

And there are fewer jobs at the executive level with more executives vying for these coveted roles. You want to take the lead in this process to continue having your career rise at this critical peak stage. So how do you look for an executive position when you have increased competition, fewer available opportunities, higher compensation requirements and decreased availability?

You approach it like a business situation and you develop a plan to attack the situation successfully. Your job search is a business situation that needs a methodical solution, exactly like the hundreds you’ve planned and executed successfully dozens of times during your career.